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Adapting healthcare for your wellness, the WL&H Lifestyle Fast Continuous Glucose Monitoring (FCGM) uses an FDA-approved flash glucose monitor to help you discover how the choices you make in your diet and lifestyle affect your glucose levels. Working together with our Dietitian, you will be able to uncover subtleties like how your body processes different sources of energy and how exercise affects your glucose levels, optimising your diet to regulate your sugar levels throughout the day.

Lifestyle FCGM

Introductory Package

  • Introductory Dietetic Consultation
  • InBody Bioimpedance Body Composition
  • 2 x Abbott Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor for 1-month programme
  • Follow-up Dietetic Teleconsultations

Lifestyle FCGM


  • Abbott Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor sent to your door every fortnight
  • Fortnightly dietetic teleconsults to go through results and recommendations
  • Charged fortnightly

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