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Going Deeper Into That Gut Feeling


The human gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem of symbiotic bacteria and microorganisms that live in our small and large intestines. Recent research has revealed that the gut microbiome plays a pivotal role in our overall health. It affects almost every system in the body, including the digestive system, immune system, and cardiovascular system. Studies have also linked gut health to a number of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, and colon cancer.


The WL&H Microbiomics Panel uses sophisticated shotgun metagenomics sequencing technology to map the strains and species of bacteria, fungi, phages, parasites that make up your unique gut microbiome in unprecedented detail. It provides detailed insights into the microorganisms inhabiting your gut and how they function to affect your overall bodily health.

Through detailed dietary counselling, discover ways in which various foods and lifestyle changes can improve the balance of the microorganisms in your gut to achieve overall health, immunity and wellbeing.


Microbiome Analysis takes a closer look at the microorganisms and bacteria in your gut, providing you with an informed perspective of how to utilise diet and lifestyle habits to improve your gut health. You will receive a Microbiome Analysis through our interactive Microbiome Report.

Microbiome Interactive Report

  • Receive a comprehensive outline of your unique microbiome features. These insights provide information about the levels of selected bacterial species and the potential of your microbiome to produce key compounds that have been linked to health.
  • Identify Important Species: Clear identification of potentially beneficial or problematic bacteria that have been associated with health or disease in the scientific research.
  • Microbial Metabolite production: The potential of your microbiome to produce and consume by-products, such as neurotransmitters and vitamins, and details about their association with good and poor health outcomes.

Dietetics Review

Undergo dietetic genetic counselling that will provide not only a comprehensive look into your results, but also what diet, fitness and lifestyle changes are required for the improvement of your health.

  • Digestion Potential: The potential for each microbiome to digest food components such as carbohydrates, protein, simple sugars and fat.
  • Identify Microbial Eukaryotes: The presence of key fungi and parasites, with easy-to-understand descriptions of each species
  • Dietary Guidelines for your age and gender across the five food groups. Explore an interactive shopping list that tells you more about foods and their prebiotic content.

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